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Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

Dear Heart Centered TECH Community, We are proud to announce the next recipient of the Heart Centered TECH Leadership Award: Lisa Towles, MBA and IT Senior Manager. Lisa is an award-winning crime novelist, with six novels in print, and she also loves Sherlock Holmes, math, physics, chess, and helping people.

Presented by Heart Centered TECH and sponsored by CA Senate Ben Allen to enhance the local technology community, this award recognizes outstanding contributions and achievement among local leaders who practice ethically sound business practices while simultaneously enhancing social goodness within their communities.

Lisa Towles is a Senior Manager leading client advocacy for a global tech firm. With an MBA in IT Management, she’s been working in the tech industry since the early 2000s. Along with her extensive experience in software engineering is a deep passion for supporting, connecting, and empowering people to realize their true potential. As a leadership coach and mentor, she specializes in employee engagement, peer support, and customer advocacy. Outside of her technical career, Lisa is an award-winning crime novelist, with six novels in print including her latest, The Unseen.  Her deep commitment to community engagement includes personal and corporate group volunteering to support Bay Area nonprofits, such as Oakland Digital, Project Homeless Connect, and Covenant House. She is a pro bono career counselor for local nonprofits, has facilitated benefit and fundraising events, secured community grants from local corporations, and she is a Board Member for BridgeGood, a visionary Bay Area nonprofit that aligns community college students with sustainable technical careers that build economic independence and future tech leaders.  Says Lisa about Heart Centered Tech, “The tech industry is sustained by technical expertise, innovation, leadership, and people. When people feel nurtured and supported, that support ignites innovation and passion, which they bring full circle back to their technical work. Jude Belanger’s vision for heart centered tech is exactly what the world needs right now.” Thank you Lisa Towles, we are proud to have you as an active member of our entrepreneurial tech community, and we are honored to recognize your substantial non-profit work and community engagement efforts by presenting you with the Heart Centered TECH Leadership Award. Congratulations Lisa! And with that, we are ready to say Goodbye 2019, and Hello 2020!

Thank you! Jude Belanger Director, Heart Centered TECH

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