Blockchain Expert: Barbara Bickham

Barbara is a CTO and advisor with extensive experience in Advanced Technology, Monitization and Entrepreneurship for high-growth enterprises at the Blockchain for Global Growth. She also is a Heart Centered TECH certified leader with expertise in Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Internet of Things. A global IT consultant for tech companies utilizing high-demand resources. 


When not leading the IBA's Blockchain cohort, Barbara lends her time as an advisor to various entrepreneurial programs such as the Bixel Exchange, Stubbs Alderton's Precellerator, Make In LA Hardware Accelerator and Heart Centered TECH.

XR Expert: Gemma Busconi

Gemma is a Heart Centered TECH leader recognized as the co-founder at Discovr Labs (; a VR content studio with an emphasis on educational/vocational/situational experiences. Named one of the Top 10 VR companies by LAUNCH (also featured in TechCrunch)! Funded by Rothenberg Ventures, and partner of RIVER's, the first VR accelerator, first class.

Gemma's extensive EdTech experience founded a nonprofit that merged with another, which is now known as Hack Club (reaching students internationally, She is also a research associate at CalTech.

Additionally, she runs Hack Camp, an intensive summer camp to get HS students from zero programming knowledge to several fully shipped projects in two weeks (

Marketing and Event Expert: Gigi de Pourtales

Gigi collaborated with a team to facilitate 33 events a year all from the heart. Promotion and publicity of all chamber events. Liaison of volunteer event organizing committees. Solicitation and management of event sponsors. Develop agendas and run meetings. Create marketing & promotional materials. Organization and execution of all special event logistics. Work closely with vendors. Produce and distribute chamber publications: Weekly Update e-newsletter and Business Directory. Update chamber website. Manage social media.Report to Board of Directors on Budgets and events. Event Services and Sales

Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (Class 2023) at American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine:
Charlie Trinh

Charlie as co-founder HCT received his Heart Centered TECH recognition. Charlie left HCT in May of 2018. He believes men and women that hold high places must be the start to mold a new reality close to the heart. The HCT award recognizes hero's that can achieve community before profit yet manage to generate revenues to advance humanity into a direction of global sustainability. In May of 2018 he found technology can be a distraction that keeps us from really understanding why our health isn't the highest priority in our daily lifestyles. He consults for HCT in his spare time.