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San Francisco Chapter Google Launch


Heart Centered TECH is a business and community organization that brings State recognition, opportunities, and networking to visionary business leaders sharing their accomplished technology insights and expertise to foster innovation and improve our communities. HCT started in Santa Monica, CA, now has local chapters in the US and Canada. 

Heart Centered TECH builds communities of heart-centered, visionary, like-minded business leaders, recognizes their professional and community impact by shining a light on the human stories and technologies that grow our economy and improve our world. Heart Centered TECH then connects these leaders to state and local politicians who certify and recognize their accomplishments.

The Heart Centered TECH network is expanded through peer networking and what we call a "social blockchain," where one link in the chain is necessary to finding the next link and each link is immutable and critical to the organization’s overall footprint. Each new Heart Centered TECH Leader is responsible for naming the next leader, and so on.







Jude Belanger,

Founder of Heart Centered TECH


Our Goal

Heart Centered TECH is an organization that recognizes outstanding contributions and achievement among technology leaders by improving our world through ethical business practices and community engagement.

Our Philosophy

Trust is the core value of our organization, ensuring that collaboration with our business leaders and community result in success.




Heart Centered TECH recognizes people first. Our network is built by business leaders who place value on the quality of human interactions, demonstrated by their supportive practices that build economic growth and uplift communities. Our members form a peer-to-peer chain of heart-centered individuals that are pre-verified by the our organization and recognized by local political leaders.

The meaning of Heart Centered TECH is about aligning the three P’s of heart centered entrepreneurship - passion, purpose, and profit  to work harmoniously together to build successful visions and ignite business growth.


Left to Right: Charlie Trinh, Yohie Nakajima, Justin Brezhnez, Cameron Kashani and Jude Belanger.

Our People

The Heart Centered TECH Enterprise is by invitation or consensus, where members reap the benefits of a community of heart-centered individuals and businesses. We are an influential community of top industry professionals who are vetted and invited to join our trust-based network.

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Local and State

Heart Centered Tech began as a way to verify and authenticate hyper-local growth in the technology sectors within communities by identifying local leaders.


It began in Silicon Beach, Santa Monica, with people in technology making a difference. At events and gatherings, Heart Centered TECH Leaders were acknowledged for their contributions to the technology industry. Heart Centered TECH grew from Santa Monica into greater Los Angeles, then statewide with its second chapter in San Francisco. 


At a state level, the program is recognized by state government political leaders Senator Ben Allen, Congressman Ted Lieu and Assemblyman Richard Bloom. The politicians present state recognition awards to these Heart Centered TECH leaders as influencers and technologists making a positive impact on the community. Heart Centered TECH provides a resource for understanding the growth of technology as well as the latest innovation to emerge within the community. 


Other states now repeat this process with politicians and Heart Centered TECH leaders.  As more people participate, leader members grow through enhanced perspectives and greater insights.  As more states adopt the program through political recognition, more leaders and affiliated businesses gain visibility. Heart Centered TECH is strong and growing every month with new leaders to share their insights on what heart centered leadership means to them.