Local and State: Website

Heart Centered Tech began as a way to verify and authenticate hyper-local growth in the technology sectors within communities by identifying local leaders.


It began in Silicon Beach, Santa Monica, with people in technology making a difference. HCT grew from Santa Monica into a greater Los Angeles, then statewide.


At a state level, the program was recognized by the state government political leaders such as Senator Ben Allen. These politicians then gave out the recognition awards to these HCT leaders as influencers and technologists making a positive impact on the community.


Celebrations at events grew an audience seeking authenticity and enjoyed to ceremony of HCT politicians awarded local leaders that enhanced the quality of life in their communities with tech services. The Heart Centered Tech website was formed to keep track of politicians and leaders.


Digital media was utilized to capture each recipient of the HCT recognition award to define what heart centered leadership is.  This began the pipeline of content aggregation for heart-centered leadership and began the pilgrimage to understand more.

National: Artificial Intelligence

Other states began to repeat this process with politicians and HCT leaders.  As more people participated leader members grew, more perspectives and insights aggregated. To keep up nationally an artificial intelligence program is utilized technically to keep up nationalization. 


As more states began to adopt the program through political recognition, more leaders and affiliated business came into focus.


In addition, organizations and businesses that have a culture of heart centered began the national directory. HCT began to certify these businesses that enhance community while doing ethical business.

Global: Blockchain

HCT mission is to grow into a global heart-centered business bureau.  Since leader members choose each other in a peer-to-peer network.  The process fits perfectly into blockchain technology to verify an immutable ledger. The identities of these leaders and the companies that represent the heart centered movement.

****Learn more about Blockchain basics here: Blockchain Basics website link