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Heart Centered TECH is a Smart City Community Initiative to Foster Innovation


The goal is to recognize outstanding contributions and achievements among leaders utilizing technology to foster innovation and improve their communities. Thus improving our world, in a humble way, by strengthening a robust smart city community of like minded passionate tech business leaders with engagement and recognition impacting economic growth.


Proprietary technologies inside big firms are slowing innovation and growth of tech start ups. The great IT revolution is no longer promoting economic dynamism, its preventing it. Heart Centered TECH puts a spotlight on these individuals by recognizing their innovation within the tech community. Also, acknowledging those that contribute to the fabric of the smart city community thus encouraging new concepts and problem solutions for our evergreen growth. Unfortunately, innovation gets over shadowed by big tech money and employment opportunities. Thus, a successful smart city must provide an open, forgiving and creative platform for innovation to thrive and must be promoted and supported by local governments and colleagues.

Heart Centered TECH then connects these leaders to state and local pro-tech political offices that recognize their accomplishments to certify these individuals as successful tech community innovators and influencers. In todays world of self proclamation social advertising, verification on this level provides unique credibility on this network making them shine well above the noise. One only needs to follow the influence of these Heart Centered TECH leaders social sites to find out what is currently happening in the surrounding tech community for current information.

The Heart Centered TECH network is expanded through peer networking and a "social blockchain." One link in the chain is necessary to finding the next link and each individual is immutable and critical to the organization’s overall footprint. Each new Heart Centered TECH Leader is responsible for naming the next leader, and so on. 
Our network is built by business leaders who place value on the quality of human interactions, demonstrated by the supportive practices that build economic growth and uplift smart city communities.







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