Heart Centered TECH Leadership Awards 

Heart Centered TECH is about the human story first!


Heart Centered TECH has joined forces to present an unprecedented virtual summit about the future in cyber technology and the role of government finance. The event will featured keynote speaker Ted Ross, CIO for the City of Los Angeles, who offers his valuable insights into our uncertain, post-pandemic future. The goal of the summit is to help teach you the tools to become an effective and successful Heart Centered TECH leader.

Who’s attending? We have put together some of the best innovators, market movers, and industry definers to take center stage for our virtual summit. Join us and learn from the industry’s best leaders as they share their vision, passion, and knowledge.


Why attend? Expect to learn more about the future of technology, cybersecurity, the role of government, and how these things can impact innovation and the global economy. 


1. Global insights. Hear from industry leaders from around the world who are experts in computer software and cybersecurity.  

2. Unique content. Our summit will feature stimulating discussions about a range of topics from cutting-edge technology to the art of endurance. You will receive valuable information, updates, and announcements that you will not find elsewhere.

3. Expert speakers. Our event showcases unique and influential leaders from various industries who can help you broaden your horizon and expand your creativity, imagination, and insight.  

Recognized by State of California - Senator Ben Allen, Congressman Ted W. Lieu and Assemblymember Richard Bloom