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Some thoughts about Thanksgiving

Dear Heart Centered TECH Community, In this season of the holidays, we at Heart Centered TECH would like to ask you to please take a moment to not only give thanks for what you have as far as entrepreneurial success, but to also think about expressing in bold gestures appreciation to those around you that have impacted your professionalism. This is the foundation of Heart Centered TECH. HCT appreciates all that you have done as our leaders, politicians, newsletter readers, event attendees and nominators. Thank you, you are appreciated at HCT. Ask yourself if you have shown that appreciation in the work environment. Heart Centered TECH's mission is to grow through appreciation and build strong everlasting real connections. Now is that time of year to express thanks to your colleagues, mentors and influencers! Heart Centered TECH sends our love to you this holiday season. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with heart. 

In this holiday of Thanksgiving, we would like to honor Ted Ross, Chief Information Officer for the City of Los Angeles, with the Heart Centered TECH Leadership Award.

Presented by Heart Centered TECH and sponsored by CA Senator Ben Allen to enhance the local technology community, this award recognizes outstanding contributions and achievement among local leaders who practice ethically sound business practices while simultaneously enhancing social goodness within their communities.

In 2015 Ted Ross was nominated by Mayor Eric Garcetti to serve as Chief Information Officer for the City of Los Angeles, where he manages LA’s Information Technology Agency (ITA). Through his work Ted has opened new doors in technology from inside the City with innovative solutions breaking new ground. He has a huge heart and is transforming LA one of the best tech cities in the world.

In 2018 Ted Ross was chosen as CIO OF THE YEAR by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Ted is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of Los Angeles’ four million residents, 500,000 businesses, and 48 million annual visitors. Congratulations Ted Ross, we are honored to present you with the Heart Centered TECH Leadership Award for your considerable contributions to the City of Los Angeles and for your support of entrepreneurship. 

We look forward to everyone's continued involvement with our organization. Your participation makes us stronger! 

Thank you!

Jude Belanger Director, Heart Centered TECH

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