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Meet our newest Heart Centered TECH Leaders!

Meet our newest Heart Centered TECH Leaders

Cynthia, Nadya, Rob, and Stephanie

Dear Heart Centered TECH Community, We are proud to announce our newest Heart Centered TECH Leaders:  Cynthia McKenzie, Nadya Ichinomiya, Rob Whitfield, and Stephanie Cramp.

  • Cynthia McKenzie – Cindy McKenzie is Chief Information Officer for Deluxe Entertainment Services Group where she is responsible for IT strategy and planning, development, implementation and maintenance. She has over 20 years’ experience in IT leadership roles, and she serves on the board of directors of STEM Advantage, which is a non-profit which provides scholarships, internships and mentors to women and underserved communities. In 2018 Cynthia won the Advanced Imaging Society’s Technology Leadership Award.

  • Nadya Ichinomiya – As an Enterprise Agile Coach at Sony Pictures Entertainment, Nadya Ichinomiya works with teams and executives at movie and TV studios. Nadya holds a Business degree from USC, and has worked with IBM and Electronic Data Systems (now HP).  Nadya co-founded Women In Technology: Hollywood, and was co-Chair of Women in Technology at Sony Pictures. The groups empower and encourage women in technology. She lives in LA with her husband, David, their sons Mingus and Spike and the family dog, Dolphy.

  • Rob Whitfield – Rob leverages his natural tenacity to help ignite a passion for challenge & change so that everyone achieves their full potential. Rob has worked as a management consultant, helping transform companies across the world. Rob has helped thousands of people get successful personal and business results through strategies, technologies, processes and perceptions. Rob is also a certified life coach and certified trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, as well as a public speaker and event designer and host.

  • Stephanie Cramp – Stephanie Cramp is the Vice President of Global Alliances with OneStream Software. Harnessing her extensive sales, IT, and management expertise, she offers solutions for Private Equity, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Healthcare and Business Service sectors. Stephanie attained her Certificate of Professional Development at The Wharton School, Aresty Institute of Executive Education, and she previously served as Executive Director for Women in Tech Leadership in Philadelphia.

We are proud to recognize Cynthia McKenzie, Nadya Ichinomiya, Rob Whitfield, and Stephanie Cramp with Heart Centered TECH Awards for their groundbreaking work to improve people's lives and communities through technology and entrepreneurialism.  

Thank you! 

Keep shining! Jude Belanger Founder and CEO Heart Centered TECH

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