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Meet Lisa Mae Brunson

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

New Heart Centered TECH Leader opens Long Beach Chapter: Visionary and Entrepreneur LISA MAE BRUNSON

Lisa Mae Brunson is a Heart-Centered TECH leader because she is a visionary. Since she was a little girl, she was able to envision solutions to challenges and execute a plan to tackle them. Lisa Mae is highly skilled at creating unique partnerships with Fortune 500 Companies, government entities, universities, schools, and organizations to build an ecosystem that fosters diversity, inclusion and a culture of belonging.

Lisa Mae Brunson is a Creative Visionary, Speaker, Author & Social Innovator that is committed to impacting humanity on a global scale. Lisa Mae is the founder of Wonder Women Tech, Hiring Humans, and the Wonder Women Tech Show, and has launched Junior Innovation Camps for underserved kids. She was recently included in the 2019 “Create & Cultivate 100” List, in partnership with Chevrolet, is a Long Beach Post’s “40 Under 40” Winner in 2017, and she is a Commissioner on the Commission for Technology and Innovation for the City of Long Beach since Dec 2016. She is founder of two hackathons–Hacks 4 Humanity, a hackathon for Social Good, and Wonder Women Hacks, a hackathon to address challenges facing women and girls.

In addition to community outreach, Lisa Mae is passionate about making a global impact for the underrepresented within STEAM industries.

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