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Meet Jo Bhakdi

Dear Heart Centered TECH Community, We are proud to announce our next Heart Centered TECH leader: Jo Bhakdi, Founder of Quantgene, a company that combines precision genomics, AI, and a new perspective onmedicine to detect early stage disease. Jo likes to envision new ways to solve big problems efficiently, and he is leveraging his strengths to help improve our world through technology and medicine.

Presented by Heart Centered TECH and sponsored by CA Senate Ben Allen to enhance the local technology community, this award recognizes outstanding contributions and achievement among local leaders who practice ethically sound business practices while simultaneously enhancing social goodness within their communities. As Founder of Quantgene, Jo Bhakdi enlisted the help of other pioneers to engineer the future. Quantgene is a platform that utilizes advanced machine learning to detect the 10 deadliest cancers at early stages with standard blood samples. Quantgene is effective for lung, breast, colorectal, pancreatic, liver, ovarian, and prostate cancer, as well as for melanoma, leukemia, and lymphoma. Prior to Quantgene, Jo founded Sophotec VC, which provides entrepreneurs with the technology, capital, and guidance to succeed. After Sophotec VC, Jo led the design of startups like Klatcher, EZCoinz and MyCambridgeTutor. With Sophotec Genesis, Jo is committing his free time to turning philosophy into wisdom technology, and facilitate the development of more productive social, educational and financial infrastructures. We are proud to honor Jo Bhakdi with a Heart Centered TECH Leadership Award for his extensive work in strengthening lives and communities through medicine, technology and entrepreneurialism. Thank you Jo!

Thank you! Jude Belanger Director, Heart Centered TECH

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