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Affiliate Products & Services

Barbara Bickham

Barbara serves as the Chief of the Block at the Blockchain Accelerator for Global Growth, where she enhances quality enterprise opportunities for businesses across all levels: investors, key clients, and strategic partners. She has over seven years of experience preparing and evaluating companies for private equity or venture capital financing, where she helps bridge the gap between technology and finance. 

Susan Steinbrecher

CEO/Founder of Steinbrecher and Associates, Author, Executive Coach, Professional Speaker Hurst, Texas Management Consulting


Susan has written two books on Heart-Centered Leadership.  The books are meant to be a guide to following heart-conscious principles to achieve success, happiness, and fulfillment.

Howard Leonhardt

Founder, Executive Chairman, CEO - Leonhardt's Launchpads, Leonhardt Ventures, BioLeonhardt, Second Heart Assist, Inc. + Los Angeles, California

Howard comes to us from a diverse background.  His business endeavors have spanned....

Howard's diverse business ventures include owning and operating his own vineyard.

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