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Introduction to Heart Centered TECH

Annual State Recognition Awards

Ted Ross, CIO/CTO for City of Los Angeles

Ted Ross, CTO/CIO for the City of Los Angeles. Ted has opened new doors in technology from inside the city with innovative solutions breaking new ground. He has a huge heart and is transforming LA into one of the leading tech cities in the world. In 2018 Ted Ross was chosen as CIO OF THE YEAR by the Los Angeles Business Journal. Ted Ross is passionate about using technology to improve the lives of Los Angeles’ four million residents, 500,000 businesses, and 48 million annual visitors. Nominated by Mayor Eric Garcetti in 2015, Ross serves as Chief Information Officer for the City of Los Angeles, where he manages LA’s Information Technology Agency (ITA).


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Attention Heart Centered TECH Industry professionals:

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Our Goal

Heart Centered TECH recognizes outstanding contributions and achievement among technology leaders making the world a better place thru  ethically sound business practices while simultaneously enhancing community and building profits.

Our Philosophy

TRUST is the core value of our organization and ensures any collaboration or business dealings will end in success.




HCT recognizes people first. Our network is built by people who place value on the quality of life, while leading from the heart and maintaining profits. Our members form a peer-to-peer chain of heart-centered individuals that are pre-verified by the our organization and recognized by local political leaders. No one person has the answer to being heart-centered therefore we all strive to understand and share our practices in business as a way of life. 


The meaning of Heart Centered TECH does not involve working for free, donating all your profits or using only superficial methods to make strategic business decisions. It’s all about aligning the 3 P’s of heart centered entrepreneurship - your passion and purpose with the profit structure of your business. With these 3 elements working harmoniously, achieving business happiness and success is all but guaranteed.

Left to Right: Charlie Trinh, Yohie Nakajima, Justin Brezhnez, Cameron Kashani and Jude Belanger.

Our People

The Heart-Centered TECH Enterprise is by invitation or concensus. Members reap the benefits of a community of Heart-Centered individuals and businesses. An influential community of top professionals who are vetted and invited to join our organization ensures that you have a network of professionals you can trust and vice versa.

Board Members: Left to Right: Len Lanzi, Laurel Rosen, Gigi De Pourtales, Howard Leonhardt, Jude Belanger, Heidi Hubbeling, Charlie Trinh, Eli Eisneberg and Mary Duda.


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